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Human activity-driven self-powered hair follicle stimulation system


Deokjae Heo, Sungwon Jung, Jungbum Kim, Hyungseok Yong, Sohyeon Park, Dongchang Kim, Seoungeun Cho, Kyunghwan Cha, Hanwook Ryu, Wonhwa Lee*, Sangmin Lee*, and Jinkee Hong*

Microfluidic nanodevices for drug sensing and screening applications


Arnab Pal, Kuldeep Kaswan, Snigdha Roy Barman, Yu-Zhi Lin , Jun-Hsuan Chung , Manish Kumar Sharma, Kuei-Lin Liu, Bo-Huan Chen, Chih-Cheng Wu, Sangmin Lee* , Dongwhi Choi* and Zong-Hong Lin*

Recent Advances in Non-Photoresponsive Catalytic Techniques and their Applications


Manish Kumar Sharma, Imran Khan, Kuldeep Kaswan, Snigdha Roy Barman, Subhajit Saha, Wu-Chiao Hsieh, Yu-Lun Chueh, Yu-Lin Wang, Sangmin Lee*, Dukhyun Choi*, Zong-Hong Lin*

Wireless stand-alone trimodal interactive display enabled by direct capacitive coupling


Jihye Jang, Seung Won Lee, Seokyeong Lee, Chang Eun Lee, Eui Hyuk Kim, Wookyeong Jin, Jin Woo Oh, Youngdoo Jung, HoYeon Kim, Hyungseok Yong, Jeongok Park, Sangmin Lee, and Cheolmin Park

Regulation of the Inevitable Water-responsivity of Silk Fibroin Biopolymer by Polar Amino Acid Activation


Woojin Choi, Milae Lee, Kyungtae Park, Moonhyun Choi, Sungwon Jung, Jae-Kook Cha, Jae-Sung Kwon, Sangmin Lee*, and Jinkee Hong*

Body-mediated bioelectronics for zero-powered ion release and electrical stimulation


Sungwon Jung, Hyungseok Yong, Sohyeon Park, Dongchang Kim, Seokgyu Ryu, Beomkyu Choi, Woojin Choi, Jeeyoung Yoo, Jinkee Hong*, and Sangmin Lee*

Sub-watt power triboelectric generator via polarization switching charge carrier


Seh-Hoon Chung+, Kyunghwan Cha+, Myunghwan Song, Dongchang Kim, Deokjae Heo, Min-Kun Kim, Heesoo Jung, Youngho Jin, Jinkee Hong*, Jihoon Chung*, Sangmin Lee*

Highly durable heterogeneous fabric using in-and-out fluorinated polyurethane coating for oil–water separation and blocking bacterial penetration


Moonhyun Choi, Sohyeon Park, Woojin Choi, Youna Kim, Kyeong Min Cho, Jiwoong Heo, Min-Kun Kim, Heesoo Jung, Youngho Jin*, Sangmin Lee*, Jinkee Hong*

Design of graphene oxide-carbonic anhydrase hybrid membranes for switchable CO2/N2 and N2/CO2


Jiwoong Heo, Moonhyun Choi, Seung Yeon Rhyu, Hyeji Lee, Sungwon Jung, Woojin Choi, Kyungtae Park, Sang Wook Kang, Sangmin Lee, Jinkee Hong

Cigarette smoke particle as the potential transmission route of coronavirus


Taihyun Kim, Kyungtae Park, Woojin Choi, Wonhwa Lee, Hee Ho Park, Sangmin Lee, Seyong Jung*, Jinkee Hong*

(113) Ultralight and ultrathin electrospun membranes with enhanced air permeability for chemical and biological protection

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2020 IF: 9.229, JCR Top 20%) (accepted)

Jaeheon Lee, Jinah Seo, Kyoung Min Cho, Jiwoong Heo, Heesoo Jung, Sohyeon Park, Jaekyeong Bae, Sangmin Lee*, Jinkee Hong*, Min-Kun Kim*, Youngho Jin*

(112) Advanced Wearable Biosensors for the Detection of Body Fluids by Graphene Materials

Microchimica Acta (2020 IF: 5.833, JCR Top 20%) 189, 236 

Santoshi U Singh, Shahbaz Ahmad Lone, Hsin-Hsuan Ho, Kiran Peringeth, Arshad Khan, Sangmin Lee* Zong-Hong Lin*

(111) Wind-driven bidirectional fluttering triboelectric nanogenerator via dual flagpole and slot structure design

Advanced Materials Technologies (2020 IF: 8.856, JCR Top 20%) (online published)

Jin-ho Son+, Deokjae Heo+ Dongmin Goh, Minjoo Lee, Jihoon Chung, Seungtae Choi*, Sangmin Lee*

(110) Inhalation-driven vertical flutter triboelectric nanogenerator with amplified output as a gas-mask-integrated self-powered multifunctional system

Advanced Energy Materials (2020 IF: 29.368, JCR Top 5%) (online published)

Deokjae Heo+, Myunghwan Song+, Seh-Hoon Chung, Kyunghwan Cha, Youna Kim, Jihoon Chung, Patrick T.J. Hwang, Jaeheon Lee, Heesoo Jung, Youngho Jin, Jinkee Hong*, Min-Kun Kim*, Sangmin Lee*

(109) Recent Advances in Lubricant-Based Triboelectric Nanogenerators forEnhancing Mechanical Lifespan and Electrical Output

Nanoenergy Advances, 2, 210-221

Seh-Hoon Chung+, Jihoon Chung*, Sangmin Lee*

화면 캡처 2022-05-19 174017.jpg

(108) Recent Advancements for Improving the Performance of Triboelectric Nanogenerator Devices

Nano Energy (2020 IF: 17.881, JCR Top 5%), 107318

Shahbaz Ahmad Lone Kee Chin Lim, Kuldeep Kaswan, Subhodeep Chatterjee, Kai-Po Fan, Dongwhi Choi, Sangmin Lee, Hulin Zhang, Jia Cheng, Zong-Hong Lin (Selected as Front Cover)

화면 캡처 2022-04-29 174240.jpg

(107) Lightweight mobile stick-type water-based triboelectric nanogenerator with amplified current for portable safety devices

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (2020 IF: 8.090, JCR Top 20%), 23(1), 161-168

Kyunghwan Cha+, Jihoon Chung+, Deokjae HeoMyunghwan SongSeh-Hoon Chung, Patrick T.J. Hwang, Dongseob Kim, Bonwook Koo*, Jinkee Hong*, Sangmin Lee*

화면 캡처 2022-02-18 130530.jpg

(106) AC/DC Convertible Pillar-Type Triboelectric Nanogenerator with Output Current Amplified by the Design of the Moving Electrode

Advanced Energy Materials (2020 IF: 29.368, JCR Top 5%), 2103571

Dongchang Kim+, Jihoon Chung+, Deokjae HeoSeh-Hoon Chung, Giwuk Lee, Patrick T.J. Hwang, Min-Kun Kim, Heesoo Jung, Youngho Jin*, Jinkee Hong*, Sangmin Lee*

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(105) Stress Dissipation Encoded Silk Fibroin Electrode for the Athlete-beneficial Silk Bioelectronics

Advanced Science (2020 IF: 16.806, JCR Top 5%), 9(8), 2105420

Woojin Choi+, Deokjae Heo+, Taeho Kim, Sungwon Jung, Moonhyun Choi, Jiwoong Heo, Jae-Sung Kwon, Byeong-Su Kim, Wonhwa Lee, Won-Gun Koh, Jeong Ho Cho, Sangmin Lee*, Jinkee Hong* (Selected as Inside Front Cover)

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(104) Effect of Surface Charge Density of Graphene Oxide on Chemical Warfare Agent Simulants Blocking

Applied Surface Science (2020 IF: 6.707, JCR Top 5%), 579, 152225

Youna Kim, Moonhyun Choi, Jiwoong Heo, Sungwon Jung, Dongwon Ka, Heesoo Jung, Sangmin Lee*, Youngho Jin*, Jinkee Hong*

화면 캡처 2021-12-29 163819.jpg

(103) Semisolid-lubricant-based ball-bearing triboelectric nanogenerator for current amplification, enhanced mechanical lifespan, and thermal stabilization

Nano Energy (2020 IF: 17.881, JCR Top 5%), 93, 106816

Myunghwan Song+, Jihoon Chung+, Seh-Hoon ChungKyunghwan ChaDeokjae Heo, Sunghan Kim, Patrick Hwang, Dongseob Kim, Bonwook Koo*, Jinkee Hong*, Sangmin Lee*


(102) Self-powered antibacterial systems in environmental purification, wound healing, and tactile sensing applications

Nano Energy (2020 IF: 17.881, JCR Top 5%), 93, 106826

Aiping Li+, Hsin-Hsuan Ho, Snigdha Roy Barman, Sangmin Lee, Fei Gao*, Zong-Hong Lin*

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(101) Highly reliable triboelectric bicycle tire as self-powered bicycle safety light and pressure sensor

Nano Energy (2020 IF: 17.881, JCR Top 5%), 93, 106797

Jin-ho Son+, Deokjae Heo+, Yeonsu Song, Jihoon Chung, Banseok Kim, Woochul Nam, Patrick T.J. Hwang, Dongseob Kim, Bonwook Koo*, Jinkee Hong*, Sangmin Lee*

화면 캡처 2021-12-20 110650.jpg

(100) Blocking Chemical Warfare Agents by Graphene Oxide/Polymer Multilayer Membrane Based on Hydrogen Bonding and Size Sieving Effect

Journal of Hazardous Materials (2020 IF: 10.588, JCR Top 5%) 127884

Youna Kim, Moonhyun Choi, Jiwoong Heo, Sungwon Jung, Dongwon Ka, Hyeji Lee, Sang Wook Kang, Heesoo Jung, Sangmin Lee*, Youngho Jin*, and Jinkee Hong*

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