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October 29, 2020

Triangulated cylinder origami-based piezoelectric/triboelectric hybrid generator for harvesting coupled axial and rotational motion


Jihoon Chung†, Myunghwan Song, Seh-Hoon Chung, Woojin Choi, Sanghyun Lee, Jinkee Hong*, and Sangmin Lee

January 01, 2020

Cellular vitalizing athleisure via electric field concentrator


Hyungseok Yong†, S. Jung†, Deokjae Heo, Woojin. Choi, Jihoon Chung, Seongeun Cho, Patrick Hwang, Hyeonhui Song, Won-gun Ko, Sangmin Lee*, and Jinkee Hong*

January 01, 2020

Condensed droplet-based electricity generator


Gunsub Shin+, Hyungseok Yong+, Jihoon Chung, Eunho Cho, Jihong Ju, Hyungsoon Lee, and Sangmin Lee(+equal contribution) (*corresponding author)

January 01, 2020

Water behavior based electric generation via charge separation

in review

Jihoon Chung+, Deokjae Heo+Gunsub Shin, Seh-Hoon Chung, Jinkee Hong*, and Sangmin Lee(+equal contribution) (*corresponding author)

October 11, 2020

(83) A Highly Sensitive Mercury Ion Sensor Based on Solid-Liquid Contact Electrification

ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology (2019 IF:2.142) accepted

Arnab Pal, Subhodeep Chatterjee, Subhajit Saha, SNIGDHA BARMAN, Dukhyun Choi*, Sangmin Lee* and Zong-Hong Lin*

October 06, 2020

(82) Electrowetting-on-dielectric (EWOD): Current perspectives and applications in ensuring food safety

Journal of Food and Drug Analysis (2019 IF: 4.727, JCR Top 10%) accepted

S.R. Barman , I. Khan , S. Chatterjee , S. Saha , D. Choi* , Sangmin Lee* , Z.-H. Lin*

August 10, 2020

(81) Recent advancements in solid-liquid triboelectric nanogenerators for energy harvesting and self-powered applications

Nanoscale (2019 IF: 6.895) 12, 17663

S. Chatterjee, S.R. Burman, I. Khan, S. Saha, D. Choi,* Sangmin Lee* and Z.-H. Lin*

October 05, 2020

(80) Self-charging ingestible polysaccharide battery coupled with a nanogenerator for controllable disinfection system

Nano Energy (2019 IF: 16.602, JCR Top 5%) online published

September 06, 2020

(79) Screw pump-type water triboelectric nanogenerator for active water flow control

Advanced Engineering Materials (2019 IF: 3.217, JCR Top 50%) online published

Seh-Hoon Chung+Jihoon Chung+, Banseok Kim, Seamin Kim and Sangmin Lee(+equal contribution) (*corresponding author)

November 10, 2020

(78) Enhanced sensing performance of triboelectric nanosensors by solid-liquid contact electrification

Nano Energy (2019 IF: 16.602, JCR Top 5%) 77, 105093

Subhodeep Chatterjee, Subhajit Saha, Snigdha Roy Barman, Imran Khan, Yu-Ping Pao, Sangmin Lee, Dukhyun Choi, Zong-Hong Lin*

May 31, 2020

(77) Triboelectric speed bump as self-powered automobile warning and velocity sensor

Nano Energy (2019 IF: 16.602, JCR Top 5%) 72, 104719

Deokjae Heo+, Jihoon Chung+, Banseok Kim, Hyungseok Yong, Gunsub Shin, Jung-Woo Cho, Dongseob Kim*, and Sangmin Lee(+equal contribution) (*corresponding author)

March 04, 2020

(76) Versatile surface for solid-solid/liquid-solid triboelectric nanogenerator based on fluorocarbon liquid infused surfaces

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (2019 IF: 5.799, JCR Top 30%) 21, 139-146

Jihoon Chung+, Handong Cho+, Hyungseok Yong, Deokjae Heo, You Seung Rim*, and Sangmin Lee(+equal contribution) (*corresponding author)

March 11, 2020

(75) Versatile energy loss conversion for recovering waste alternating potential through polarization transfer medium

Nano Energy (2019 IF: 16.602, JCR Top 5%) 69, 104400

Hyungseok Yong, Deokjae Heo, Banseok Kim, Haksung Moon, Kyungwho Choi*, Dongseob Kim*, and Sangmin Lee* (*corresponding author)

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