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(99) Gelatin MAGIC powder as nutrient-delivering 3D spacer for growing cell sheets into cost effective cultured meat

Biomaterials (2020 IF: 12.479, JCR Top 5%) 278 , 121155

Sohyeon Park, Sungwon Jung, Moonhyun Choi, Milae Lee, Bumgyu Choi, Won-Gun Koh, Sangmin Lee*, Jinkee Hong*


(98) Dielectric liquid-based self-operating switch triboelectric nanogenerator for current amplification via regulating air breakdown

Nano Energy (2020 IF: 17.881, JCR Top 5%) 88, 106292

Jihoon Chung+, Seh-Hoon Chung+, Zong-Hong Lin, Youngho Jin*, Jinkee Hong*, and Sangmin Lee*


(97) Chitosan/Cellulose-based porous nanofilm delivering C-phycocyanin: A novel platform for the production of cost-effective cultured meat

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2020 IF: 9.229, JCR Top 20%), 13(27), 32193-32204

Sohyeon Park, Sungwon Jung, Jiwoong Heo, Won-Gun Koh, Sangmin Lee*, and Jinkee Hong* (*corresponding author)


(96) Co-existing “spear-and-shield” air filter: anchoring proteinaceous pathogen and self-sterilized nanocoating for combating viral pandemic

Chemical Engineering Journal (2019 IF: 13.273, JCR Top 5%) 426, 130763

Daheui Choi, Moonhyun Choi, Hyejoong Jeong, Jiwoong Heo, Taihyun Kim, Sohyeon Park, Youngho Jin*, Sangmin Lee*,  Jinkee Hong*


(95) Body-mediated energy loss conversion for personalized cell vitalization

Nano Energy (2020 IF: 17.881, JCR Top 5%) 82, 105713

Hyungseok Yong†, S. Jung†, Deokjae Heo, Woojin. Choi, Jihoon Chung, Seongeun Cho, Patrick Hwang, Hyeonhui Song, Won-gun Ko, Sangmin Lee*, and Jinkee Hong*


(94) Nonpolar Liquid Lubricant Submerged Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Current Amplification via Direct Electron Flow

Advanced Energy Materials (2020 IF: 29.368, JCR Top 5%) 11(25) 2100936

Seh-Hoon Chung+, Jihoon Chung+, Myunghwan Song, Seonwoo Kim, Dongjun Shin, Zong-Hong Lin, Bonwook Koo, Dongseob Kim*, Jinkee Hong*, and Sangmin Lee* (Selected as Front Cover)


(93) Dynamic Characteristics of Droplet Impingement on Microscale Hole-Patterned Surfaces with Anodization

International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer (2020 IF 5.683 JCR Top 10%)

124, 105260

Joo Hyun Moon, Sangmin Lee, Chang Kyoung Choi*, and Seong Hyuk Lee*


(92)  Fabrication of graphene based durable intelligent personal protectiveclothing for convectional and non-conventional chemical threats

Nanomaterials (2020 IF 5.076, JCR 30%) 11(4), 940

Youngho Jin*, Dongwon Ka, Seongon Jang, Deokjae Heo, Jin Ah Seo, Hyunsook Jung, Keunhong Jeoung, Sangmin Lee*


(91) Functionalized polyurethane-coated fabric with high breathability, durability, reusability, and protection ability

Advanced Functional Materials (2020 IF: 18.808 , JCR Top 5%), 31, 2101511

Moonhyun Choi, Youna Kim, Sohyeon Park, Dongwon Ka, Sangmin Lee*,  Eun-Ho Sohn*, Youngho Jin* and Jinkee Hong*


(90) Reduced graphene oxide-based wearable and bio-electrolyte triggered pressure sensor with tunable sensitivity

Ceramics International (2020 IF: 4.527 JCR Top 10%) 47(12), 17702-17710

Hyeonho Cho, Hyoeun Lee, Sangmin Lee, and Sunghan Kim*


(89) Stackable disk-shaped wind-rolling triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting omnidirectional wind energy

International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology (2020 IF: 5.671, JCR Top 10%) 1-9, 2021

Joon-seok Lee†, Hyungseok Yong†, Yeong In Choi, Jaiyoung Ryu*, and Sangmin Lee* (+equal contribution) (*corresponding author)


(88) Portable device for water-sloshing-based electricity generation based on charge separation and accumulation

iScience (2020 IF: 5.458, JCR Top 20%) 24(5), 102442

Jihoon Chung+, ​Deokjae Heo+, Kyunghwan Cha†, Zong-Hong Lin, Jinkee Hong* and Sangmin Lee* (+equal contribution) (*corresponding author)


(87)  Yo-Yo inspired triboelectric nanogenerator

Energies (2020 IF: 3.004) 14(7), 1798

Deokjae Heo†, Jihoon Chung†, Gunsub Shin, Minhyeong Seok, CHANHEE LEE and Sangmin Lee*


(86) Triangulated cylinder origami-based piezoelectric/triboelectric hybrid generator for harvesting coupled axial and rotational motion

Research (Article ID 7248579), 9 pages, 2021

Jihoon Chung†, Myunghwan Song†, Seh-Hoon Chung, Woojin Choi, Sanghyun Lee, Zong-Hong Lin, Jinkee Hong*, and Sangmin Lee


(85) Screw pump-type water triboelectric nanogenerator for active water flow control

Advanced Engineering Materials (2020 IF: 3.862, JCR Top 50%) 2000758

Seh-Hoon Chung+, Jihoon Chung+, ​Banseok Kim, Seamin Kim and Sangmin Lee* (+equal contribution) (*corresponding author)


(84) Condensed droplet-based electricity generation via water-phase change

Nano Energy (2020 IF: 17.881, JCR Top 5%) 82, 105713

Gunsub Shin+, Hyungseok Yong+, Jihoon Chung, Eunho Cho, Jihong Ju, Zong-Hong Lin, Dongseob Kim, Hyungsoon Lee, Bonwook Koo*, and Sangmin Lee* (+equal contribution) (*corresponding author)


(83) Water Behavior Based Electric Generation via Charge Separation

Nano Energy (2020 IF: 17.881, JCR Top 5%) 82, 105687

Jihoon Chung†, Deokjae Heo†, Gunsub Shin, Seh-Hoon Chung, Jinkee Hong*, and Sangmin Lee*


(82) Ingestible polysaccharide battery coupled with a self-charging nanogenerator for controllable disinfection system

Nano Energy (2020 IF: 17.881, JCR Top 5%) 79, 105440