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(74) Enhancement of Corrosion Resistance of AL 7075 Surface for Subsea Applications

Applied Sciences-Basel (2018 IF: 1.730, JCR Top 50%) 9, 3762

Youngkyun Seo, Jihoon Chung, Sangmin Lee, Jung-Yeul Jung* 

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(73) Ion-Enhanced Field Emission Triboelectric Nanogenerator

Advanced Energy Materials (2018 IF: 24.884, JCR Top 5%) 9 (37), 1901731

Jihoon Chung+, Deokjae Heo+, Gunsub Shin, Dukhyun Choi, Kyungwho Choi, Dongseob Kim*, and Sangmin Lee*  (+equal contribution) (*corresponding author)
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(72) High-efficiency power generation in hyper-saline environment using conventional nanoporous membrane

Electrochimica Acta (2018 IF: 5.383, JCR Top 20%) 319, 366-374


(71) Continuous scavenging of broadband vibrations via omnipotent tandem triboelectric nanogenerators with cascade impact structure

Scientific Reports (2018 IF: 4.011, JCR Top 20%) 9, 8223

Divij Bhatia, Hee Jae Hwang, Nghia Dinh Huynh, Sangmin Lee, Choongyeop Lee, Youngsuk Nam, Jin-Gyum Kim, and Dukhyun Choi

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(70) A Deformable Foam-Layered Triboelectric Tactile Sensor with Adjustable Dynamic Range

International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology (2018 IF: 4.561, JCR Top 10%) 6(1) 43-51

Dongun Lee+, Jihoon Chung+, Hyungseok Yong, Sangmin Lee*, and Dongjun Shin* (+equal contribution) (*corresponding author)


(69) Toward sustainable output generation of liquid-solid contact triboelectric nanogenerators: The role of hierarchical structures

Nano Energy (2018 IF: 15.548, JCR Top 5%) 56, 56-64