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(59) Large-scale water harvesting device (or system) with 𝜷-Al(OH)3 microcone arrays by simple hydrothermal growth

Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2018 IF: 10.773, JCR Top 5%) 5, 25328-25337

Handong Cho, Byungrak Park, Moonsu Kim, Sangmin Lee* and Woonbong Hwang*

(*corresponding author)


(58) Enhancement of Interfacial Adhesion Based on Nanostructured Alumina/Aluminum Laminates

Composites Part B - Engineering (2018 IF: 6.864, JCR Top 5%) 129, 204-209

Sungwoo Jang+, Jihoon Chung+,  Seokhoon Seo, Sukyung Lee, Yoonha Lee, Sangmin Lee* , and Hae-Jin Choi* (+equal contribution) (*corresponding author)


(57) Cam-based sustainable triboelectric nanogenerators with a resolution-free 3D-printed system

Nano Energy (2018 IF: 15.548, JCR Top 5%) 38, 2017, 326-334

Younghoon Lee, Wook Kim, Divij Bhatia, Hee Jae Hwang, Sangmin Lee,* and Dukhyun Choi*(*corresponding author)


(56) Supramolecular-Assembled Nanoporous Film with Switchable Metal Salts for Triboelectric Nanogenerator

Advanced Functional Materials (2018 IF: 15.621, JCR Top 5%) 27, 1701367

Chanho Park, Giyoung Song, Suk Man Cho, Jihoon Chung, Yujeong Lee, Eui Hyuk Kim, Minjoo Kim, Sangmin Lee, June Huh*, and Cheolmin Park †*


(64) Transfer-Printable Micropatterned Fluoropolymer- based Triboelectric Nanogenerator

Nano Energy (2018 IF: 15.548, JCR Top 5%) 36, 2017, 126-133

Jaewook Ha+ , Jihoon Chung+ , SeongMin Kim+ , Jong Hun Kim , Seungmin Shin,

Jeong Young Park, Sangmin Lee* , Jin-Baek Kim* (+equal contribution) (*corresponding author)


(54) Tandem Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Optimally Scavenging Mechanical Energy with Broadband Vibration Frequencies

Nano Energy (2018 IF: 15.548, JCR Top 5%) 33, 2017, 515-521

D. Bhatia, W. Kim, Sangmin Lee, Sangwoo Kim. D. Choi


(53) Stack/flutter-driven self-retracting triboelectric nanogenerator for portable electronics

Nano Energy (2018 IF: 15.548, JCR Top 5%) 31, 525-532

Haksung Moon+, Jihoon Chung+, Banseok Kim+, Hyungseok YongTaehun KimSukyung LeeSangmin Lee* (+equal contribution) (*corresponding author)